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Custom-designed carports in the Northern Rivers

Carports are an effective and simple way of storing your vehicle. Their sleek, unobtrusive design is perfect for homeowners who don't have the space for large garages.

All our carports can be constructed either standalone or attached to your existing shed, garage or building.

Call North Coast Sheds & Garages today to find out more about our carport range. We service everywhere from Tweed to Grafton.
Flat Roof Carport — Custom-Designed Carports in 2472 Woodburn, NSW

Flat Roof Carport

As the most practical and cost-effective design choice, these popular carports are perfect for shielding one or more vehicles from the elements. They are a stylish, light and cleverly designed carport with a simple rafter layout for easy construction.
Gable Roof Carport — Custom-Designed Carports in 2472 Woodburn, NSW

Gable Roof Carport

This carport is wide enough to comfortably fit two cars under cover. The triple-web trusses provide maximum strength and stability.
Dutch Gable Carport — Custom-Designed Carports in 2472 Woodburn, NSW

Dutch Gable Carport

Dutch gables are the most stylish and well-designed carports on the market. They are built with fully galvanised framing, footing brackets and thick, high-tensile connection brackets. We can complement your property's existing aesthetic with matching colours and materials.